Choose Your Soil

If you’re reading this blog post you probably have been around church long enough have heard the parable of the sewer found in Matthew 13:3-9. In the parable Jesus is quick to explain categories people fall into in their earthly journey. First he explains the non believers, destined for eventual disaster eternally separated from God, that seed was eaten up by the birds. Next, he explained the believer that fell on rocky shallow soil and is stuck, not growing abundantly because it had no root. Next he explained the believer that's halfway in the world and halfway commitment to Christ. This lukewarm believer grew up among the thorns (or the world) and was choked, stunting it's growth and robbing the life from the seed. Lastly, Jesus described the believer growing in good soil and thriving in abundance, producing a great crop.

A couple points of note here, the society of Jesus's time was greatly agricultural so his disciples and those surrounding him hearing this parable would understand what it meant to see seed. Jesus actually was in a boat addressing a large crowd for this particular parable so everyone could hear Him. Also, what Jesus was doing is illustrating how we as believers and non-believers fall into categories that only we can change with our free will. What's fascinating is He even illustrates that the believer who isn't "deep rooted" and the believer who is "half in half out" both experience disciple. One is scorched and withered by the sun and one is choked. As men we must remember that discipline from the Lord is His way of correcting us. If you're experiencing spiritual discipline in your life, feeling withered or choked, you must first look within and ask why. Is there an area of disobedience you're involved in and are unrepentant in your sin? Remember God's abundance is for those who hear Him and act in obedience regardless of what culture or society has told them.

Apart from the non-believers that Jesus portrays in the parable, the big take away God showed me is:


We, as men in this fallen world, get to choose discipline or abundance depending on the soil we plant ourselves in. Sometimes what gets lost in this parable, is that the believer (or seed) has to stay where it is and suffer it's fate. Not true! Choose your soil and choose good soil! Find men in the church who have believed God promises, acted in obedience and have the fruit on the tree to prove it. Then link arms with them. Find someone to be accountable to so you can avoid God's discipline in your life and usher in His abundance. Study His word daily and renew your mind so you will know His will. You can’t act in obedience if you don’t know God’s expectations of you. The completeness of His word reveals His will and expectations for His followers.

Choose your soil well and move there permanently. God's given us a great gift in free will. Use that free will today to start accountability with another sold out man of God. Use that free will to bring yourself into obedience, for it is in obedience we find Christ's abundance.











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